Northern Corridor Transmission Project 

Credit No: CNG-1036

Assignment Title: Consultant for Project Management and Works Supervision for Northern Corridor Project

Reference No.:

Date: 18 April, 2019 


The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) intends to implement the Northern Corridor Projects. A credit facility from the French Development Agency (AFD) is being secured for the implementation of the project and TCN intends to apply part of the loan to engage a consultant for Project Management and Works Supervision of the contracts. 

The Project Management and Supervision Consultant to be engaged by TCN will assist its Project Implementation Unit (PIU) among others in the overall supervision of Construction of 330kV, 132kV Transmission Lines, 330/132/33kV Substations, rehabilitation, reinforcement of transmission Lines and substations in accordance with TCN specification and standards. This assistance includes review of the feasibility studies prepared ny Pakistan Engineering Services /Oska Jo Nigeria Limited, preparation of bidding of documents for the procurement, Project Management, Supervision and reporting, Engineering, Implementation of ESMP by the EPC Contractor(s), Procurement, Inspection, Construction Coordination, quality assurance, safety compliance and testing/commissioning of the transmission lines and substations projects. 

The project is divided into seven (7) Lots spread across North West and North Central, Nigeria. The Lots are as follows: 

Lot 1: Construction of about 310km 330kV DC Transmission Line from Kainji to Birnin-Kebbi following the existing ROW of the SC 330kV Line. 

Lot 2: Construction of about 134km 330kV DC Transmission Line from Birnin-Kebbi to Sokoto following the existing 132kV Birnin-Kebbi to Sokoto Transmission Line ROW and re-conducting the existing 132kV SC Line to double its capacity. 

Lot 3: Construction of about 274km 330kV DC twin conductor Transmission Line between Katsina-Daura-Gwiwa-Jogana-Kura. 

Lot 4: 

  1. Reconstruction and upgrading of 2 single circuit 330kV Transmission Lines 1 & 2 (96km each) from Shiroro PS to Mando (Kaduna) to a 2 Double Circuit, Quad conductor Shiroro-Mando (Kaduna) Transmission Lines 1 and 2. 
  2. Replacement of 28 spans of Sky wire for 330kV Shiroro-Jebba Line 2
  3. Replacement of 32 spans of Sky wire for 132kV Minna-Bida Line
  4. Reconductroring of 132kV SC Karu-Keffi-Akwanga Transmission Line
  5. Replacement of 36 spans of Sky wire for 132 kV Apo-Keffi line
  6. Replacement of 9 spans of sky wire for 330kV Jebba-Osgbo Lines 1 & 2 and 330kV Jebba-Ganmo line

Lot 5:

  1. Installation of 2x150MVA 330/132/33kV transformers and associated switchgears, 2x330kV line bays for the future 330kV line to Kaura Namoda at Sokoto New 330kV Substation and with associated 132kV bay extension including SCADA with open architecture and SCADA system integration
  2. Construction of 6 x 330kV bay extension at B/Kebbi and 2 x 330kV bay extension at Kainji

Lot 6:

  1. Construction of 2 x150MVA 330/132/33kV, 2x60MVA, 132/33kV substation in Daura including 4x330kV line bay plus 6 number outgoing 33kV feeder bays and 4x330kV line bay extension at Katsina 330/132/33kV substation including SCADA with open architecture and SCADA system integration
  2. Construction of 2x150MVA 330/132/33kV, 2x60MVA, 132/33kV substation including 6x330kV Line bay plus 6 number outgoing 33kV archit lecture and SCADA system integration

Lot 7:

  1. Urgent replacement of Kainji/Jebba 330kV Line 1-330kV circuit breaker at Kainji TS
  2. Replacing the existing very old (1968) Marilli 80MVA 330/132/13.8kV, 2T1 transformer with 1x150MVA 330/132/33kV plus 1x60MVA, 132/33kV transformer and 3 number 33kV feeder control and protection panels at Jebba TS
  3. Urgent replacement of 1 no. Jebba T/S 75MX reactor 2R2 CB – that exploded
  4. Replacement of 11 no. 330kV circuit breakers at Jebba 330kV switchyard. The existing CB’s are obsolete no parts and spares available
  5. Replacement of 8nos. 330kV obsolete circuit breakers at Jabba TS. The existing CB’s are obsolete no parts and spares available 
  6. Replacement of 330kV obsolete hydraulic SF6, circuit breakers and associated motorized Isolators at Shiroro TS
  7. Reinforcement of Minna with 1x60MVA 132/33kV transformer to relief the existinf overloaded 1x30MVA 132/33kV transformer with complete 132kV Bay extension and additional 3 number 33kV Feeder Control and protection panels. Control room rehabilitation
  8. Turn in Turn out Minna – Suleja 132kV DC and Construction of 1x60MVA 132/33kV complete substation at Lambata including SCADA with open architecture and SCADA system integration
  9. Turn in Turn Out on Birnin-Kebbi – Sokoto 132kV Line and Construction of 2x60MVA 132/33kV complete substation at Fakon Sarki-Argungu including SCADA with open architecture and SCADA system integration
  10. Reinforcement with 1x60MVA 132/33kV with associated switchgear at Yelwa-Yauri
  11. Construction of 1x60MVA 132/33kV complete substation and High Voltage Switchgears and associated equipment at Birnin Gwari including SCADA with open architecture and SCADA system integration. 

The consultancy assignment shall be Lump Sum and Time Based. The total duration of the consultancy shall be thirty six (36) months excluding the Defect Liability Period (DLP).  During the DLP of twelve (12) months, the consultant shall be required to offer their services as needed for which they hall be paid on a pro-rata basis.

Specific tasks to be carried out by the Consultant include:

  • Finalize bidding document including technical specifications for the various contract packages on the project and advise the client of any changes or deviations as may be required or recommended.
  • Assist in the bidding process, evaluation of bids and award of the various contracts as required.
  • Provide project management services including ensuring appropriate project documentation and filling systems as well as project implementation procedures.
  • Assist in the contracts’ administration and ensure the construction supervision during project execution.
  • Participate in the Factory Audit, Inspections and Acceptance Tests as part of the Quality Assurance process for the Project.
  • Participate in the commissioning as well as facilitate the smooth takeover of the Projects and ensure that appropriate warranties for construction, maintenance and operation are in place.
  • Monitor the implementation and adherence to the Environmental Management Systems and Plan for the Project.
  • Additional technical studies on solar integration and training may be required.

The Project Implementation Unit for the Northern Corridor Transmission Project now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the consulting services. The Consultancy will be managed by the Project Implementation Unit. 

Interested Consultants (firm may associate) should provide information not exceeding thirty (30) pages in view of ensuring synthesis from the part of the firms demonstrating that they have the requisite qualifications and cognate experience to perform the services. The criteria for shortlisting shal include:

  • Maximum of 4 pages of the presentation of the firm.
  • Maximum of 10 reference with (i) a summary table of 1 page (title of ref, country, client/financier, total amount and share made by the company, years of implementation) and (ii) a description sheet of 1 page per reference. The references must be accompanied by Completion Certificates from the Client. TCN will place more emphasis on the verifiable reference of similar assignments undertaken by the Consultant for the evaluation. 
  • No need for CV at this stage but a table of maximum 10 experts of the firm available (name, expertise, number of years of experience in the field, country of intervention, small bio representing the course and 3 main reference of the expert in the field concerned).
  • Maximum 4 pages of the tools/equipment to be mobilized for the assignment.
  • Any other element indicating the relevance of the firm.
  • The extent of specific experience in assignments of similar nature and complexity in construction management and supervision of substations in sub-Africa region would be a plus.
  • Evidence and certification of quality and environmental management must be provided.

The attention of interested Consultants sis drawn to paragraph 1.3.3 of the AFD’s Guidelines: Guidelines for the Procurement of AFD-Financed Contract in Foreign Countries: February, 2017 (“Consultant Guidelines”), setting forth the AFD’s policy on conflict of interest. 

Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a consortium to enhance their qualifications.

Consultants will be selected in accordance with the Quality & Cost based Selection (QCBS) method set out in the Consultant Guidelines. All consultants are required to submit alongside their proposals a signed Statement of Integrity and Eligibility as contained in the same link as above.

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours i.e. 0800 to 1700 hours.

Transmission Company of Nigeria – Project Implementation Unit (PIU), No. 10 Kunene Close, Off Bobo Street, Off Gana Street, Maitama Abuja, FCT.

Expressions of Interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by e-mail) by 16thMay, 2019.

Transmission Company of Nigeria – Project Implementation Unit (TCN-PIU)

Conference Room 1,

Attention: Engr. J.N. Okemini – Project Manager (AFD Project)

No. 10 Kunene Close, Off Bobo Street, Off Gana Street, Maitama Abuja 900271, Nigeria

Tel: +234 803 337 5852

E-mail: [email protected][email protected]