Federal Republic of Nigeria
Innovations for Malaria Prevention and Control 
Credit No.P167156 
Reference No.: NMC/1158/S.62/1/62
A. Background
1. The Government of Nigeria with support from the World Bank is rolling out the Innovations for Malaria Prevention and Control (IMPACT) project to address existing gaps in the coverage of malaria control interventions across the country. The project will be financed by a credit from the World Bank to the government through the National Malaria Elimination Program (NMEP) and State Malaria Elimination Programs (SMEPs) in 13 states.
2. IMPACT aims to sustain and build upon global evidence and prior successes in malaria control in Nigeria. Therefore, the project takes a multi-pronged approach that prioritizes evidence-based, cost-effective interventions; leverages partnerships with non-state actors to expand the delivery to quality services; and adopts market-based solutions to ensure the availability, affordability and quality of anti-malaria commodities.
3. The National Malaria Elimination Program and its state counterparts would like to employ consulting services to strengthen the delivery and promote the uptake of malaria prevention and treatment services especially in rural communities where the burden of malaria is the greatest. The NMEP and SMEPs intend to employ output-based approaches in contracting consulting firms otherwise known as “Consultants” with proven expertise and experience.
B. Objectives
4. The contractor will be responsible for improving the following output indicators (an output indicator is defined here as one “that describes an action or event occurring to a household level beneficiary that is linked by strong evidence to a health outcome such as reduced malaria incidence”):
i) Utilization of an LLIN by pregnant women the right before the survey;
ii) Utilization of an LLIN by children under five years of age the night before the survey;
iii) Use of correct malaria treatment (ACTs) among children under 5 with fever in the last two weeks;
iv) IpTp (at least 3 doses) during pregnancy in the last 1 year;
v) SMC for children in Sahelian states during high transmission season
C. Scope of Work – Services
5. The proposed scope of work (“Services”) includes:
i) Managing logistics and last mile distribution of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLIN);
ii) Employing strategies to ensure that families hang-up and use LLINs;
iii) Procuring and distributing key anti-malaria commodities (ACT, RDT, SP+AQ, SP and Artesunate Injectable) to public sector facilities and private facilities;
iv) Strengthening the case management skills of both public and private providers including the Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM)/Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI);
v) Increasing the knowledge of households about the symptoms and appropriate treatment of malaria and improve their health seeking behaviour early recognition of symptoms and prompt treatment;
vi) Improving the malaria prevention behaviours of housholds including the use of Intermittent Preventive Therapy in pregnancy (IPTp) and Seasonal Malaria Chemoprophylaxis (SMC) in Sahelian States.
6. The consulting services will be delivered in Tasks as follows:
Task No. States Covered
Task 1 Federal Capital Territory
Task 2 Lagos State
Task 3 Anambra State
Task 4 Abia State
Task 5 Bayelsa State
Task 6 Edo State
Task 7 Ekiti State
Task 8 Enugu State
Task 9 Imo State
Task 10 Ondo State
Task 11 Rivers State
Task 12 Borno State
Task 13 Kogi State
D. Eligibility
To be shortlisted, the consultant must meet the following, criteria including:
7. Eligible consulting firms will apply for one Task each and must have an annual turnover of at least Nigeria 120 million. However, firms may apply for more than one Task provided they demonstrate a sufficient annual turnover in the last two years as outlined below:
Annual Turnover in last 2 years: N120 million to N180 million or $330,00 to US$500,000
Eligible number of Tasks firm may apply for: 1 of Task 1-13
Annual Turnover in last 2 years: N180 million to N360 million or US$500,000 to US$1 million
Eligible number of Tasks firm may apply for: Maximum of 2 of Tasks 1-13
Annual Turnover in last 2 years: >N360 million or>US$1 million
Eligible number of Tasks firm may apply for: Maximum of 3 of Tasks 1-13
8. Firms may apply as consortia of a maximum of three (3) firms. Firms with a turnover below the minimum threshold must apply as a consortium with no more than two (2) other firms of equivalent technical and financial capacity. In this instance, levels of turnover of all three entities. All consortium members must provide evidence that the selection criteria set out below have been met in a full. Alternatively, a firm with requisite turnover may, along with sub-contractors; wish to apply as a consortium. In this case, the turnover of the lead partner will be assessed; however, sub-contractors must meet the minimum turnover requirement and as well as other selection criteria. In both instances, a lead partner who shall be a focal successful, must be identified in the Expression of Interest.
9. The National Malaria Elimination Program now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultant”) to indicate their interest in providing the tasks enumerated under Services. Consultant should indicate their preference for which state(s) they would like to work in, although such preferences may not be honored in the interest of achieving effiicinecy and ensuring competition. Consultants consortia expressing interest in 2 Tasks may not have more than 1 Task from Task 1-10. Consultants or consortia expressing interest in 3 Tasks may not have more than 1 task from Tasks 1-2, and 1 task from Tasks 3-10.
i) Evidence that the Consultant is a legal entity recognized in the domicile country with capacity to do business with Government;
ii) Ability to provide services in project management, procurement, monitoring and evaluation;
iii) Understanding of the health sector in Nigeria and the states in which it desires to work;
iv) Ability to deliver primary health care services and community based programs;
v) Proof of a solid track record of a minimum of three (3) years in health programs preferably in similar locales with evidence of success from independent data sources;
vi) Demonstrated experience in successfully handling assignments similar in size during the last three (3) years including evidence of annual turnover in keeping with the eligibility criteria described above;
vii) Evidence of a local agent or a resident office in Nigeria
10. Following the shortlisting process, Consultants will be selected using the Qualify World Bank’s “Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers” (Procurement Regulations) dated July 2016 (revised November 2017 and August 1, 2018) under the “New Procurement Framework (NPF), available at the World Bank website:
A. Method of Application
1. Expression(s) of Interest indicating the Task(s) for which the consultant is applying to, must be delivered in written form to the address below in person, or by courier mail AND by e-mail to the addresses below on or before Monday 24th December 2018. Firms that expressed interest previously must do so again in response to this request for expressions of interest.
National Coordinator
National Malaria Elimination Program
1st Floor Abia Plaza
Off Ahmadu Bello Way
Attention: National IMPACT Project Coordinator, National Malaria Elimination Program
1. Further information can be obtained at the address above during office hours i.e. 0800 to 1600 hours or via telephone: +234 803 615 6043; +234 806 000 3618