Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative 2 (NURHI 2)



Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative 2 (NURHI 2) is looking for an organization/firm that will be responsible for scripting and translating entertainment education radio dramas and host dialogue (introducing the drama and reinforcing its messages after the drama) that make up the pre-recorded segments of the 3 state radio programmes.

This will involve:
• Selection of scriptwriters in collaboration with NURHI 2: The vendor will identify six (6) scriptwriters able to script in English & Yoruba, and English & Hausa to participate in the 5-day Radio Drama Design Workshop scheduled for the week of March 19th 2018 in Abuja. Also, NURHI 2 will independently identify other potential scriptwriters to participate in the workshop. Based on an objective assessment, the vendor and NURHI 2 will select scriptwriters who the vendoe will engage for the job.


• Participation of potential scriptwriters for the three radio dramas in a 5-days Radio Series Design Workshop: During the workshop, scriptwriters will collaborate with technical experts from NURHI 2 and JHU/CCP to design the message content outlines for Season 3; and the scriptwriters be selected. The workshop will result in the NURHI 2 Radio Drama Design Document for Season 3.

• Participation of selected scriptwriters in a 5-day story-line development workshop. During the workshop, scriptwriters will work with NURHI 2 Demand Generation team to develop new character profiles and storylines for each of the 3 radio dramas.

• Scripting 26 drama episodes in English based on the treatments for each of three state programs. The vendor will be responsible for administering the process of scripting and revisions until approved by NURHI 2/JHU/CCP. Each of the 26 scripts per state program will be translated and then reviewed and approved by NURHI 2.

• Scripting and translation of other pre-recorded elements for 26-episode radio programs for Kaduna, Lagos and Oyo States. The magazine portion will be based on the NURHI 2 radio design document for Season 3.

Who can apply: CAC registered company/vendor experienced in scripting radio drama programs for health and social issues.

Interested parties should contact [email protected] not later than February 19th 2018, 4pm for full Request for Proposals and Bidding Instructions.

The deadline for submission of full proposal is 11am February 25th 2018 Nigerian time.