The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) is an inter-governmental organization formed to, primarily promote cooperation, security, social and economic development and poverty eradication among member states through the effective management of the continent’s water resources and provision of water supply services.
AMCOW currently representing a Working Group on Water and Sanitation of the Specialized Technical Committee (STC) on Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Environment (ARDWE) under the African Union Commission (AUC), is pre-qualifying new suppliers for goods and services for the Financial Year ended 31st December, 2019. This exercise will enable all suppliers who are interested in partnering with AMCOW for the supply of goods and services get shortlisted as qualified AMCOW Suppliers/Vendors. This will make them eligible for fairly compete for any business opportunities that may be available at AMCOW for the supply of goods and services.
1) To search for new suppliers of various goods and services on the market.
2) To create a list of suppliers per category who shall be used every time AMCOW has a requirement.
3) To bench mark market rates, quality and competitiveness.
4) Explore Innovative solutions.
5) To develop local suppliers.
An applicant, and all parties consulting the Applicant, shall meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in AMCOW procurement.
1) The applicant must have the legal capacity to enter into a contract;
2) The applicant is not:
i. Insolvent;
ii. In receivership;
iii. Bankrupt; or being wind up
3) The applicant’s business activities have not been suspended;
4) The applicant is not the subject of legal proceedings for any of the circumstances in (2); and
5) The applicant has fulfilled his or her obligations to pay taxes and social security contributions.
6) Prospective bidders are to submit pre-qualification/EOI documents for the category desired in two copies each of the Technical bids packaged in sealed envelopes clearly indicating their selected category.
A prospective applicant requiring any clarification of the prequalification documents may notify AMCOW in writing or by cable (hereinafter, the term cable is deemed to include e-mail and telephone) at the client’s address indicated below.
AMCOW will respond in writing to any request for clarification on the shortlisting documents, which it receives no later than three (3) days prior to the deadline for the submission of Applications.
Attention: The Chairperson | Internal Procurement Committee | AMCOW | No.11 T.Y danjuma Street | Asokoro | Abuja
Tel: +234 9096074166
Response Methodology
Suppliers can either send sealed bids or submit responses online before 21st December, 2018.
Sealed submission
All bids should be submitted at the AMCOW Secretariat, No.11, T.Y Danjuma Street, Asokoro, Abuja.
This is a physical channel for carrying out the RFP related correspondence. The date, place and manner of submission are as given below:
RFP Timelines
The timeline for this proposal process is outlined below:
Date & Time
i. RFP Response Proposal Deadline
21st Dec 2018 @ 5:00pm
ii. Evaluation
21st Dec 2018 – 7th Jan 2019
iii. Communication to successful bidders
14th Jan 2019
Evaluation Criteria: Preliminary Evaluation
Criteria Description: Is the Vendor/Supplier qualified and registered to offer that Service/Goods? Vendor/Supplier should share:
• Articles & Memorandum of Association
• Certificate of Incorporation
• Company Income Tax Clearance Certificate
• Tax Registration Certificate
• Detailed Company Profile, stating current office address, email and phone numbers, with CV of key staffs
• Audited Financial Statement for three years
Weightage (%): 30%
Evaluation Criteria: Technical Competence
Criteria Description: Has the Supplier/Vendor fully demonstrated ability to carry out the service/deliver the goods? Suppliers should:
• Demonstrate the ability to deliver the goods/service
• Share experience for similar works accomplished
• Evidence of at least 3 similar jobs successful execution and copies of award letters
• Evidence of firm’s registration with relevant professional body, or licenses
• Evidence of financial capability, with reference from reputable commercial bank
• Share Innovative Solutions (if any)
• Audited Financial Statement for three years
Weightage (%): 60%
Evaluation Criteria: Completeness of Submission
Criteria Description: Did the Supplier/Vendor comply with the directions outlined in the prequalification document? Is their proposal clear, readable and the material easy to follow?
All documents for submission must be transmitted with a covering letter under the firms/company letter head, bearing among others CAC registration number, contact address, phone and email.
Weightage (%): 10%
Total: 100%
Category 1
Provision of Office Products (Office supplies, Stationeries, computer consumables and accessories)
i) Supply of IT equipment (Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Routers, Switches, IT Accessories and consumables).
ii) Supply of Original Phones of one or more Brands like Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Techno and any other.
iii) Repair and maintenance of servers, personal computers and laptops.
iv) This involves provision of IT support services at AMCOW Secretariat. Supplier should have qualified people and ability to respond quickly to demands.
v) Supply and maintenance of networking equipment e.g. LAN cabling, Cisco equipment, routers and other accessories. AMCOW occasionally requires Networking equipment and solutions. Suppliers should be able to deliver, install and support the equipment. AMCOW is not specific to any Model or Brand.
vi) Supply/leasing/repair & maintenance of Generators. AMCOW occasionally purchase generators for its premises. The quality of the generators is very important. Supplier should be able to deliver, install and offer local support. Supply of spares is very critical to AMCOW.
vii) Supply and Maintenance of deep cycle batteries and accessories, Inverters and solar equipment. Ability to supply and support. AMCOW is not brand specific.
viii) Supply and maintenance of UPS equipment, automatic voltage regulators/stabilizers and accessories. Ability to supply and support. AMCOW is not brand specific.
ix) Supply/Repair/Leasing and Maintenance of office printers, copiers, and scanners. Ability to supply both MFP and Normal Printers. Local Support should also be available. Vendor should be able to offer lease solution is required by AMCOW. AMCOW is not brand specific.
x) Supply and maintenance of office furniture & fittings e.g. Chairs, Tables, Cabinets, Cupboard. Ability to supply in both small and large quantities in a timely manner.
xi) Supply and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Services.
xii) Supply and Maintenance of Alarm systems, CCTV systems, Biometric access control and Boom barriers. Ability to supply and offer support. Vendor should be able to install and also commission the system. Training of staff on usage of the equipment.
xiii) Is must. Spares should be readily available in the event of repair.
xiv) Supply of safes and high security doors.
xv) Supply and Maintenance of firefighting equipment and suppression equipment.
Category 2
Motor Vehicle Spare parts & Servicing, Petroleum Products and Lubricants
i) Supply of Motor Vehicle Spare Parts, Servicing & Maintenance. This involves both brand new and reconditioned vehicles.
ii) Supply of petroleum product and lubricants.
Category 3
Transport and Travel Services.
AMCOW will award an initial two-years frame agreement to one or two suppliers for the performance of this services:
1. Ticketing services
2. Event and other ground services
i. Accredited IATA (International Air Transportation Association) Travel agent duly licensed in Nigeria
ii. Have a good track record of serving international organizations, EU institutions, Embassies, Multinational Corporations
iii. Financial Soundness
iv. Good reputation, with no involvement in or suspicion of corrupt or other malicious practices.
v. Employs competent and qualified travel consultants, as evident in their cv.
vi. Maintain reliable facilities of online bookings/airline reservations.
Hotel and Conference facilities
Events management services (Public address system, Merchandising, catering, photography/videography, tents and decoration)
Category 4
Professional & Consultancy Services
i) Security (Guarding Services, Surveillance, equipment supply) and investigation services
ii) Legal Services. Firms should be registered and fully qualified to offer such services to AMCOW
iii) Simultaneous Interpretation Services
iv) Tax Translation Services
v) Hiring of Interpretation Equipment’s
vi) Valuation Services (Property, Plants & Equipment)
vii) Debt Collection and recovery services
viii) Human resource and consultancy services (Recruitment services, leadership development and coaching, team building facilitation, counseling services and trainings)
ix) Cleaning, Fumigation and garbage collection services
x) Clearing and Forwarding
xi) Courier Services (Local and International)
xii) Insurance and Brokage
Category 5
Promotional Materials and Publications
i) Supply of promotional material e.g. clothing (T-Shirts, Caps, Bandanas etc.) branded stationery (Pens, Notebooks etc.)
ii) Printing Services
Category 6 
Property & Facilities Management Property Development and General Services
i) Material/Property auctioning services (Material disposals)
ii) Building and civil contractors
iii) Electrical and Mechanical contractors
iv) Provision of Architectural services
v) Provision of Interior Design Services
vi) Civil, Electrical, Mechanical consultancy services
vii) Repair and maintenance of premises electrical, civil, plumbing and minor repairs including painting, fittings and aluminum partitions
viii) Garage services for Motor vehicles
ix) Supply and Maintenance of Air Conditioners
x) Other telecom related products and services.
General Information:
i. EOI must be in English/French languages and signed by an official authorized by the bidder.
ii. EOI submitted after the deadline for submission would be returned unopened.
iii. All costs will be borne by the bidders
iv. Suppliers are not allowed to bid for more than one category.
v. AMCOW is not bound to shortlist any bidder and reserves the right to annul the procurement.